July 28, 2020

The historic and continued underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in the STEM workforce (including academia) leads to academic echo chambers that all-too-often present a homogeneous portrait of what it “means to be a scientist” to trainees: the work of white/majority scientists dominates seminar series and conferences, the material taught in the science classroom, and the papers discussed in lab journal clubs. To further diversity, inclusion, and equity in STEM, scientists must actively amplify the voices and work of BIPOC scientists to change the narrative around who “gets to do” science and to move the conversation towards acknowledging and celebrating the excellent contributions being made by BIPOC scientists.

To amplify the voices of BIPOC scientists:

  • Read and discuss journal articles written by BIPOC scientists in the classes you teach. Teach the historical and modern contributions made by non-majority scientists
  • Read and discuss research by BIPOC scientists in lab journal clubs
  • Invite BIPOC scientists to speak in seminar series and conferences, and invite BIPOC colleagues to co-organize and lead conferences, workshops, etc
  • Share and promote the work of BIPOC scientists on social media (e.g. Twitter)
  • Collaborate with BIPOC scientists in your research endeavors

Ready to connect with BIPOC neuroscientists? Check out the following resources: