The Neurobiology Postdoc Club (NPC) community hosts an annual extramural postdoctoral seminar series “INCEPT: Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Colloquia of Extramural Postdoc Talks”. This program features scientific talks from talented postdocs in the field of neuroscience. Speakers will be able to share their cutting-edge research with the HMS community, receive valuable feedback, and directly interact with fellow postdocs and faculty members. This forum provides invited speakers with a unique opportunity to increase their scientific visibility and to network in preparation for the job search process. Equally, this initiative allows HMS fellows to interact with the next generation of independent scientists.

The next round of HMS INCEPT events will take place in Winter 2021 (exact dates to be announced soon). We will begin to collect applications in Spring 2021. 

We welcome applications from postdocs in any of the fields of neuroscience: genetics, molecular, cellular, physiology, systems, behavioral, theoretical, and computational neuroscience.

Underrepresented minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Please note that in order to keep the seminar series extramural in nature, postdoctoral fellows who work in any Harvard or Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospital are not eligible to apply. 

2020 INCEPT Series

Susana Molas (UMass) Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Circuits Conveying Novelty and Familiarity Signalling

Steve Del Signore (Brandeis) Organization and regulation of synaptic membrane cytoskeleton remodeling proteins

Joel Blanchard (MIT) Reconstruction of the human blood brain barrier in vitro reveals the pathogenic mechanisms of ApoE4 in cebral amyloid angliopathy
click here for Dr. Blanchard's ZOOM recording 

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