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The prize is named for Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute Co-founder David Mahoney.

It honors individuals who have significantly increased public awareness about brain science and disorders of the nervous system.

Patty (Mrs. John) Rosenwald with Missie Rennie (Mrs. David) Taylor
Mr. Jerome LeWine and Gail (Mrs. John) Hilson greet Nobel Laureate James Watson
2018 Mahoney Prize Winner Dr. Steven Hyman and Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Kandel in conversation at Symposium prior to dinner
Dr. Gerald Fishbach, former Chair of the HMS Neurobiology Department, asking a question during Symposium
Ms. Sally Johnson Connor and Mr. Stephen Wells
Audrey Amdursky and Joseph Kartiganer with Mr. and Mrs. James Welch
Bob Merrrill, AB ’81 and his trio entertain guests at cocktails
Moderator and Council Member Mr. Ed Rover
Ene (Mrs. James) Greenfield with HMNI Chair Hillie Mahoney and Angelika Angelika (Mrs. Euen) Baird
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel de Maurier with their son Andres Szabo, HMNI Chair Hillie Mahoney, Bob Merrill, and Ambassador Bonnie McElveen Hunter
Steve Hyman and his wife Barbara Bierer with their children Emily and Charles
Drs. Steven Hyman, James Watson and Eric Kandel with Ed Rover
Dr. & Mrs. LaSalle (Ruth) Leffall with Mr. Charles Dana III
HMNI Chair Hillie Mahoney presents the 2018 David Mahoney Prize to Dr. Steven Hyman