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The Women in Neuroscience group is dedicated to increasing balance and equity in science. 

Our mission is to increase awareness about issues related to gender balance, and equity in science. All members of the community interested in ensuring inclusivity in science are welcome to join.

If you would like to be included in our mailing list, please send an email to soha_ashrafi@hms.harvard.edu

Please check back on this site for information about our future events. 



The next Women in Neuroscience (WiN) meeting will be March 24, 2020 @11:45am-1pm | Armenise 108a

We will continue our Journal Club-style discussion of primary literature on the topic of bias and stereotypes in biomedical careers.
We are looking for a few volunteers to briefly summarize/present a paper on bias in biomedical careers (a few example papers found here)
If you are interested in providing a ~5-10 minutes presentation of a relevant paper, please email Soha Ashrafi (soha_ashrafi@hms.harvard.edu) with your paper selection.