We're All Asking How Experience Changes the Way the Brain is Wired

Behind the Science: A Conversation with Margaret Livingstone
Margret Livingstone
Photo by John Soares

"Margaret Livingstone, HMS professor of neurobiology, investigates how we perceive our world, and, in particular, how our brain structures, and restructures, itself in response to our experiences. Her research has taken her from studies of neural pathways that are perturbed by disease to explanations of why the smile on the Mona Lisa’s face seems to change depending upon where your gaze falls on da Vinci’s painting (it’s a function of where the smile registers in your visual field). In this conversation, Livingstone discusses the evolution that has taken place in neurobiology research, the pitfalls women face when pursuing a career in academic research, and how her collection of animal skulls captivates the sixth graders she visits, just as skulls captivated her when she was a youngster."

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