HHMI Faculty Scholar

Selected 2016 HHMI Faculty Scholar
Chenghua GU
Chenghua Gu, PhD

Chenghua Gu, an Associate Professor in the Harvard Medical School Department of Neurobiology, has been selected as a 2016 HHMI Faculty Scholar.

She is among 84 early career scientists from 43 institutions across the United States who are being recognized for their “great potential to make unique contributions to their field.”

Chenghua studies how the blood-brain barrier forms and functions. An enhanced understanding of this nearly impermeable barrier could make it easier to deliver drugs to the brain. She is also exploring how neural activity influences the development and function of the blood vessels that supply the brain.

To learn more about her research:

Breaking Through the Barrier

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Chenghua is also the recipient of research fellowships from the Sloan, Whitehall, Klingenstein, and March of Dimes Foundations, and has won the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award.