Corrigan Collects Federman

Director of Administration and Finance co-recipient of Federman Award
May Corrigan. Taken by Janine Zieg.

May Corrigan, Director of Administration and Finance in the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, was awarded the Daniel D. Federman Staff Award for Exceptional Service to HMS/HSDM.

Citing the awards website, "[t]he Awards for Exceptional Service recognize and celebrate facutly and staff members whose exemplary contributions to the school(s) have set the standard for service at HMS/HSDM through their personal initiative to provide service and engaging others to do the same."

May started at HMS in 1995 in the Sponsored Programs Administration as a Staff Assistant, and after a few years, left as a Grant Administrator. She then moved onto the school's Finance Office as a Finance & Planning Administrator under Cynthia Walker. In 2000, Carla Shatz hired her as the Finance Manager in the Department of Neurobiology. She was subsequently promoted to Director of Adminstration and Finance after Michael Greenberg became chair, and has remained there ever since, being the patient, tireless, and caring director we all know her to be.