October 5, 2020

Formed this summer, Black in Neuro is an organization/movement to “celebrate Black excellence in neuroscience related fields.” One of the organizers, Destinee Aponte, is a first-year PiN student here at Harvard! You may remember hearing about Black in Neuro in connection with the “Black in Neuro week” on Twitter in July (#BlackInNeuroWeek) that featured a roll call of Black neuroscientists and programming throughout the week; however, you may not know that the group remains very active and has more programming on the horizon in which you (yes, you!) can participate.

The Black in Neuro Conference, scheduled for Oct. 31- Nov. 4 is being organized to provide trainees the opportunity to present their research in a year when the annual SfN meeting has been canceled. The conference is currently accepting abstract submissions from undergraduates through faculty who identify as Black in Neuro and are looking for volunteers from the community (including non-Black allies) to serve as abstract reviewers and Data Blitz judges.

Beyond containing information about the Black in Neuro conference, the Black in Neuro website is a valuable resource that features updates on the various other “Black in…” weeks on Twitter, includes profiles of members of the Black in Neuro community, and provides resources on topics such as funding, outreach and mentorship, and professional development.

Action Items for our Community:

  • If you identify as Black in Neuro, submit an abstract to the Black in Neuro Conference. Deadline is Oct. 14; Scientists at all career stages are welcome
  • For anyone in the community (including non-Black allies), volunteer to be an abstract reviewer and/or conference judge; Senior graduate students and above are eligible
  • Mark your calendars to attend the Black in Neuro conference on Oct. 31-Nov. 4