soha ashrafi

Soha Ashrafi, PhD

Executive Director of Research

I received a PhD in Neuroscience from Weill Cornell Medical College, and did postdoctoral training at NYU’s Neuroscience Institute. My role in the Department is to oversee our research and training mission working closely with the administrative team, and our Department Chair.

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Neuronal Ig/Caspr recognition promotes the formation of axoaxonic synapses in mouse spinal cord.
Authors: Authors: Ashrafi S, Betley JN, Comer JD, Brenner-Morton S, Bar V, Shimoda Y, Watanabe K, Peles E, Jessell TM, Kaltschmidt JA.
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Wnt7A identifies embryonic ?-motor neurons and reveals early postnatal dependence of ?-motor neurons on a muscle spindle-derived signal.
Authors: Authors: Ashrafi S, Lalancette-Hébert M, Friese A, Sigrist M, Arber S, Shneider NA, Kaltschmidt JA.
J Neurosci
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