David D Ginty

David D Ginty, PhD

Edward R. and Anne G. Lefler Professor of Neurobiology
Department Chair
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Neurons and Circuits That Mediate Touch

The somatosensory system endows us with a remarkable capacity for recognizing textural differences and shapes of objects held in our hands, and to feel pain, pressure, temperature, position, movement and vibration. Understanding the neurobiological basis of touch perception will help us to determine why touch can be painful or aversive under certain pathological states.

The Ginty lab uses mouse molecular genetics, in vitro signaling approaches, circuit mapping, electrophysiological and behavioral analyses to gain understanding of the development, organization, and function of neural circuits that underlie the sense of touch. Mouse molecular genetic approaches are used to identify, visualize, and functionally manipulate physiologically defined classes of low-threshold mechanosensory neurons (LTMRs) and nociceptors, the primary cutaneous sensory neurons that mediate the sense of touch and pain. We also strive to gain genetic access to spinal cord interneurons and projection neurons to reveal the organizational logic and functions of touch and pain circuits in the spinal cord and brainstem.

Our current goals are to discover: 1) the unique functions and properties of LTMR and nociceptor subtypes; 2) the organization of synaptic connections between LTMR subtypes and nociceptors, spinal cord dorsal horn interneurons and projection neurons, and dorsal column nuclei neurons; 3) the neural circuits that underlie the perception of touch; 4) molecular and developmental mechanisms by which primary somatosensory neurons and touch and pain circuit organization are established; and 5) mechanisms of touch circuit dysfunction in mouse models of autism spectrum disorders and neuropathic pain.

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