September 22, 2020

You have likely noticed that the past few weeks departed from the series on the “Responses to 10 Common Criticisms of Anti-Racism Action in STEM” article and I have decided to discontinue that series so as to be able to feature new and different resources over the coming weeks. Today I am excited to highlight the recent “100 Inspiring Hispanic/Latinx Scientists in America” article that showcases 100 scientists who have been selected based on their excellent mentoring, scholarly achievements, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The list is divided into “Established Investigators” and “Rising Stars,” highlighting scientists at different stages of their careers.

Apart from serving as an excellent resource for academic departments (including our own) looking to recruit faculty and identify seminar speakers, this list is especially exciting because it features a few members of our very own HMS Neurobiology community!

They are:

Caroline Palavacino-Maggio, PhD: A Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Kravitz lab.

Ivan Santiago, PhD: A recent graduate of the Pecot lab who is finishing his graduate work as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

Carlos Manlio Diaz Garcia, PhD: A Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Yellen lab.

In addition, Karina Gonzalez Herrera, PhD, the Associate Director of Diversity and Minority Affairs in the Division of Medical Sciences at HMS, is also featured in the list. Karina is a valued colleague and collaborator who champions a number of diversity initiatives relevant to our community.

Congratulations to all of the fantastic scholars featured on this list. To members of our community: be sure to give the entire list a read for yourselves!