[Last update: August 5, 2021]

To help limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community, the University will increase its COVID-19 testing cadence requirements, effective Monday, August 9. Please note that you may pick up several kits at the same time (up to 3). You may test more frequently than your required cadence.The updated testing cadences are as follows and apply to all students, faculty, staff, and researchers with any on-campus presence: 

  • Fully Vaccinated – once per week
  • Unvaccinated, including for medical/religious exemption – twice per week
  • Note: Residents in Undergraduate Housing were already required to test at these cadences, so this update does not affect their testing requirements.
  • Faculty, staff, and researchers with an infrequent presence on campus are not required to come to campus for the sole purpose of testing. Simply test the next time you are on campus.

For the most updated information, please visit the HMS Testing Guide webpage.

If you have issues or questions regarding eligibility, please contact Soha Ashrafi (soha_ashrafi@hms.harvard.edu).