Sample checklist of Phase 1 items to complete before the lab can be approved to transition to Phase 2 (disclaimer: this list is subject to change!):

Clean and organize the lab (cleaning processes to be performed by HMS can be found on the Lab Information page: 

  • identify and label all high-touch surfaces;
  • determine which individuals need to move benches to maintain social distancing given their shift schedules
  • develop a plan for lab cleaning between shifts and at end of day (note: NO cleaning will be done by custodial staff inside of your laboratory perimeter, not even waste removal or floor mopping);
  • determine what cleaning supplies are needed for each cleaning task, i.e. what can be done using soap and water, 70% EtOH, etc. 
  • review availability of cleaning supplies with Steve Sleboda.
  • be aware of "contact times", i.e. how long different disinfectants take to inactivate the virus, and remember that the more convenient cleaning is, the more likely it is to be performed;
  • develop a plan for checking that cleaning has been performed;
  • ensure paper towels and soap are available at each sink; make a plan to ensure they are replenished;
  • ensure individuals returning will have places to put personal PPE away from others e.g. individual hooks for lab coats;  
  • locate any shared PPE e.g. UV glasses, cryo face shields, cryo gloves and make a plan for disinfection after use with appropriate cleaning agents;
  • think through traffic patterns within the lab and identify any potential conflicts. 

Plan for your use of shared spaces in your laboratories.  Some shared spaces will be MUCH less available than before, and we need your help to minimize conflicts and frustrations. 

  • identify all needed equipment and resources that require any individual to leave the lab, and the route required to get there (avoid walking through other labs if possible);
  • identify needs for shared resources that are now restricted, e.g. tissue culture, cold rooms. If you need help creating a sign up sheet for common equipment, please contact Brady Detwiler (
  • the department will provide cleaning supplies to shared equipment rooms including autoclaves, freezers, etc.
  • identify needs for cores, especially any core facilities outside HMS; determine whether other resources exist that reduce exposure; make sure the core is open and ready to work with you;
  • familiarize all Phase 2 personnel with calendars required to sign up for lunch areas.

Review your plans with the whole lab.

  • Confirm your plan for eating, cleaning eating areas that are within labs.
  • Use this signup sheet for reserving time in conference rooms for eating/breaks
  • Talk through any potential issues
  • Talk to Department Administration about any issues:
    • Janine Zieg (
    • Soha Ashrafi (
    • Steve Sleboda (