The earliest Phase 2 can begin is Thursday, June 11, 2020.

Below is a step by step guide detailing Department approval process for Phase 2 Transition: 

  1. The PIs must ensure that everyone on the Phase 2 plan has completed the Lab COVID-19 Awareness Training through the Harvard Training Portal.  If they have not taken the training, the CrimsonClear app will not let them attest that they are healthy and symptom free, and therefore they will not be able to enter the building (see links and resources for how to access the Training Portal and CrimsonClear)
  2. Phase 1 personnel must go through the plan and carry out any actions that need to take place before Phase 2 such as moving equipment, putting up signage for ensuring appropriate distancing and occupancy, etc. - everything that you said in your plan would happen in Phase 1 (see Phase 1 information page for more information)
  3. Complete the Departmental checklist (see below) 
  4. Complete the HMS issued Safety Checklist and send completed form to Janine and Soha.
  5. Complete the COVID-19 Safety Officer Plan and send completed form to Janine and Soha.
  6. Once you believe your lab is ready to accept Phase 2 Personnel, contact Mike via telephone to discuss your lab's readiness (contact Soha or Janine for Mike's cell phone number).
  7. Once you have spoken to Mike, he will let Janine, Soha, and Steve Sleboda know that you are ready for a visit. Steve will meet with your CSO/or a lab representative to go through your Phase 1 plan and make sure everything is in place (either in person or via Zoom) according to your approved plan, and that you have completed the COVID-19 Safety Officer Plan, and the HMS issued Safety Checklist.
  8. Steve will let Janine know when all is clear.
  9. Janine will send an email to Mike and the PI, cc’ing Soha and Steve, officially notifying you to move to Phase 2 and send in your approved Phase 2 personnel.


Departmental Safety Checklist for Transition to Phase 2:

  1. Move equipment and create appropriate social distancing for workstations as outlined in your plans.
  2. Make sure you have or have received from Steve a gallon of bleach for disinfection of surfaces, and/or you have plenty of your own disinfecting solutions.
  3. Make sure you have sufficient PPE in your lab to conduct your experiments safely
  4. Make sure appropriate signage is up in your lab to ensure social distancing, appropriate traffic flow, maximum occupation, etc.
  5. Make sure your personnel have read your lab's plan and know the hours that each of them can be in the lab.
  6. Make sure your personnel know where to sign up for conference rooms for breaks and eating meals (on department website).
  7. Make sure your personnel know which restroom they have been assigned to (on department website).
  8. Make sure your personnel are able to access the website that will be needed to attest daily that they are healthy and symptom-free.  They will need to show this attestation to the security guard upon entry. If they do not have a smart phone, there will be a paper attestation available at security as they enter.  
  9. Once cleared for entry, each person will receive  a mask, proceed directly to the lab where they will remove their commuter mask and don their HMS mask. They will receive a new mask each day.
  10. Please talk to your Phase 2 Personnel about the importance of adhering to their shift schedule, and the school guidance on compliance during their shift:
  11. Working in HCCM or another bench/Core Facility outside of someone's designated shift is not permissible.
  12. An individual's shift refers to the times they can be on campus, not just at their bench.
  13. Please refer to the HMS Official Ramp Up site for more information on parking, facilities, etc.
  14. Make sure your personnel understand the avenues by which they can report behavior they may observe that is not consistent with ensuring everyone's health:
    1. Refer to page 4 of the COVID-19 Safety Officer Guide for reporting structure. 
    2. Report to CSO or PI
    3. Report to Janine, Soha or Mike
    4. Report to the anonymous Harvard Anonymous Reporting Hotline