06/12/20 Update:

The HMS COVID-19 Safety Officer training video is up in HTP here

Course name: COVID-19 Safety Officer Orientation (HMS, EHS)

Course description: This course provides an overview of the HMS COVID-19 oversight structure, COVID-19 Safety Officer responsibilities and issue-reporting mechanisms.

Assignment of COVID-19 Safety Officer Responsibilities (HMS Official Guidance)

To operate safely during Phase 2, each lab must commit to fulfilling new safety tasks related to reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The goal of this document is to define the role and responsibilities of COVID-19 Safety Officers and to document the delegation of COVID-19 safety tasks. The information in this document supersedes prior protocols describing the responsibilities of COVID-19 safety officers, and the appended forms (Tables 1 and 2) designating the responsible individuals in specific labs supersede similar forms associated with prior re-entry plans This document does not supersede the entirety of prior safety protocols or re-entry plans.

COVID-19 Safety Officer Primary Responsibilities: These are key responsibilities of the COVID-19 Safety Officer (CSO) and may not be delegated.

COVID-19 Safety Officer Secondary Responsibilities: The CSO(s) is/are responsible for overseeing and supporting these safety efforts but these tasks may be delegated to other lab members (secondary safety officers). These secondary tasks are listed in Table 2.

COVID-19 Safety Officer (CSO) Primary Responsibilities:

Communicate safety information

  • Communicate lab-specific COVID-19-related safety practices and protocols to lab members and act as a resource for the lab for COVID-19 safety information.
  • Ensure that all personnel know and follow established safe work procedures in accordance with safety protocols and the lab’s re-entry plan.
  • Attend Department and Institutional CSO meetings and convey the information shared there to lab members.
  • Establish a plan to communicate with the PI/Core Director regularly about lab COVID-19 safety; notify PI/Core Director of any major changes in safety recommendations and protocols.

Promote compliance with safety protocols and procedures

  • Serve as the first level contact and response for COVID-19 safety and compliance concerns within each lab/core.
  • Work with the PI/Core Director to coordinate follow-up for identified compliance concerns.
  • If a compliance concern is unable to be resolved within the lab, or if there are continuing or serious non-compliance concerns, work with the PI/Core Director to notify the Dept. Research Operations Manager (ROM; Steven Sleboda), and/or Dept. Administrator in writing of specific COVID-19 non-compliance in the lab.
  • Conduct virtual or in-person COVID-19 safety assessments with the Department ROM (Steven Sleboda) and/or EHS.

Ensure continuous coverage for responding to safety concerns

  • Present to lab at least 3 days/week to ensure fulfilment of primary responsibilities. 
    • If necessary to ensure fulfilment, responsibilities may be performed remotely where feasible and prudent.
  • Perform or delegate secondary safety responsibilities (see Table 2 in PDF Version at the top of the page).

In coordination with PI, establish protocols for addressing or reporting issues when CSO is unavailable (off-shift, holiday, vacation, or other permitted leave).