General Information

[Last update: July 5, 2022]

At this time, routine COVID testing is optimal. However, anyone with symptoms or known exposure should continue to test. Those who test positive should notify Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) through Crimson Clear.

PLEASE NOTE: Harvard University has retired the HUCL COVID test kits (the ones with the plastic swab). Please do not deposit a HUCL test kit as the sample will not be processed and you will not receive a result.
All test kit pick up sites are now distributing Broad test kits (cotton swab). You are welcome at that time to turn in to security any supply of HUCL kits you may have in exchange for Broad test kits with a maximum exchange of 4. If you have more than 4 HUCL kits, Security will collect them, but only 4 will be exchanged for a Broad test kit.

Broad test kit carries a 24-48 hour turnaround time for a result.

For more information, visit the HMS Testing Guide.

Alternatively, please see:

Please see current HMS COVID policies at: