Polycom Instructions

The department has a Polycom Videoconferencing cart. This is an IP based videoconferencing unit that should be able to connect to any IP based unit in the world. There are videoconferencing units in Cambridge, along with many other institutions. For further information, see the instruction sheet below or contact the Neurobio SysAdmin.

The cart is physically located in GB 422, please reserve the room ahead of time with the Admin Office, GB 420.


Download the Instructions in PDF


Setting Up and Powering On

Photo of the back of the Polycom - Power Switch on the right side

  1. The power cord and Network cord are located at the back of the cart. Plug the power cord into any available outlet. The Network cord should be plugged into the lower opening on the Network outlet. 
  2. The power button for the Polycom is located in the back of the unit, on the right side (if you are looking at the back). Turn this on, and you should hear a startup noise. See illustration to the right.
  3. Turn on the two monitors, either by hitting the power button or with the TV remote. The TV remote is the long black one. You should see yourself on the right screen, and the polycom startup screen on the right. The system is ready to go!

Making and Receiving Calls

  1. Information about this station to give to remote sites
    Equipment Type: Polycom VSX 6000 – IP based
    IP Address: neurotelcon.med.harvard.edu ( 
  2. Information you should get from a remote site to call them
    Equipment Type (any IP based video conferencing system should be compatible)
    IP Address (This is what we will use to contact them)
  3.  Receiving calls
    Make sure the system is turned on. The incoming call will be connected automatically, although the microphone will be muted. Press the Mute button on the Polycom remote control, it is orange and located under the arrow keys.
  4. Initiating call
    Enter the remote sites IP address into the box on the start screen, using the polycom remote. Above the numbers on the right is the ‘.’ (dot) button. After the address is entered, hit the green ‘Connect’ button located at the top of the remote.

During a Call

  1. The arrow keys will adjust the camera, and the gray zoom buttons will zoom in and out.
  2. There are volume and mute controls on the Polycom remote as well.

To Disconnect

  1. Hit the green ‘connect’ button at the top of the remote.
  2. Turn off polycom and monitors.
  3. Unplug power and Network from the wall, and return the cart to the corner.