Goldenson 122


This room includes a projector, lectern, microphone system, VCR/DVD, and a video camera. On top of displaying presentations brilliantly, the system will also allow us to record seminars and make them available online.

On the lectern, there is a touchscreen control panel. Most likely it will be displaying the HMS shield when you first enter the room. Touch it to open up the main screen. You will now see several buttons that run down the left hand side of the screen. For laptop presentations, simply hit the [Show Laptop] button and the projector will turn on. Connect your laptop to the provided cables, set it to display on an external monitor, and you should be ready to go. After your event, hit the bottom button on the control panel, ìshutdown systemî, and confirm to turn off the projector. And as always, please remember to lock the door behind you. We donít want any of this nice equipment to walk away!

You would follow similar instructions to display VHS or DVD content, hitting the appropriate button for each. The VCR/DVD in the podium is the one hooked up to the system. The volume buttons for this are the three physical buttons on the upper right of the control panel.