Recommended practices for our various Audio Visual rooms

Goldenson 122

  • Please remember to check out the remote control from the Admin office before your event. Turning the projector on and off with the remote is preferable to using a pointing stick, as it is less likely to damage the power button, or accidentally hit other buttons.
  • Remember to turn off the projector after your event. Leaving the projector on will shorten its lifespan drastically.
  • Remember to lock the door behind you, and remember to return the remote.
  • Most of this will change after the renovations the last week of this month. I will send out some instructions then.

Floating (check-out) LCD Projector

  • Always use the power button on the top and allow the projector to turn itself off after use, it needs to go through a cooling cycle to prevent thermal damage. Do not unplug or power off the projector until it completes this step.
  • Try and return the projector as soon as possible, so that it is available for the next user.

For All Equipment

  • Please feel free to contact the NeuroBio support at
  • We can provide training, setup, and troubleshooting for any of the equipment the department owns.
  • We make an effort to be available at the beginning of events for last minute emergencies, but if you would like to make sure we are there let us know ahead of time and we can schedule for that.

Hopefully none of these procedures is too troublesome, and they will help to ensure that everyone has a good experience with the equipment.