Cerebral palsy is a devastating disease that makes it very difficult for children to engage in the most essential behaviors such as walking or talking. As parents of a child with cerebral palsy, the Goldensons recognized early on the importance of gaining a fundamental knowledge of how cerebral palsy impacts the function of the brain, and in turn how to use this knowledge to treat these children, and ultimately design a cure.  To this end, the Goldenson Fund was established at Harvard Medical School in 1992, with the goal of making progress towards the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the brain, such as cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.  Galvanized by this generous support, researchers at Harvard Medical School have comprehensively studied this disease and other neurological diseases from the perspective of molecules, cells, neural circuits, development, and behavior – all with the goal of learning how to treat the diseased brain and improve the lives of children living with neurological disorders.

A unique aspect of the Goldenson Fund’s success has been its support of researchers at all career stages. From graduate student fellows to post-doctoral researchers and faculty, support from the Goldenson family has catalyzed innovative ideas and progress. Publications and presentations that stem from this support in turn benefit the entire community of researchers, and thus the field at large. Moreover, the funding structure allows the Center to adapt and keep pace with new breakthroughs in the field and fosters the development of new technologies and ideas.


Genise Goldenson Faculty Awards


Chenghua Gu, Harvard Medical School

Peter Kang, Boston Children's Hospital

Elio Raviola, Harvard Medical School


Dragana Rogulja, Harvard Medical School


S. Robert Datta, Harvard Medical School


Christopher Elitt, Boston Children's Hospital

Pascal Kaeser, Harvard Medical School

Shenandoah Robinson, Boston Children's Hospital




Daniel Butts, Laboratory of Carla Shatz, Harvard Medical School

Sooyong Chung, Laboratory of Clay Reid, Harvard Medical School


Marta Majdan, Laboratory of Carla Shatz, Harvard Medical School


Veronica Alvarez, Laboratory of Bernardo Sabatini, Harvard Medical School

Josh Syken, Laboratory of Carla Shatz, Harvard Medical School


Ayal Ben-Zvi, Laboratory of Chenghua Gu, Harvard Medical School

Tony Del Rio, Laboratory of Lisa Goodrich, Harvard Medical School

Paul Greer, Laboratory of S. Robert Datta, Harvard Medical School

Rong Luo, Laboratory of Xianhua Piao, Boston Children's Hospital


Byoung-Il Bae, Laboratory of Christopher Walsh, Boston Children's Hospital

Mathieu Dehaes, Laboratory of P. Ellen Grant, Boston Children's Hospital

Skyler Jackman, Laboratory of Wade Regehr, Harvard Medical School

Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy, Laboratory of Bernardo Sabatini, Harvard Medical School


Baptise Lacoste, Laboratory of Chenghua Gu, Harvard Medical School

Laurens Witter, Laboratory of Wade Regehr, Harvard Medical School

Molle Woodsworth, Laboratory of Christopher Walsh, Boston Children's Hospital

Xuefing Liu, Laboratory of Zhigang He, Boston Children's Hospital


Victoria Abraira, Laboratory of David Ginty, Harvard Medical School

Evelyn Aviles, Laboratory of Lisa Goodrich, Harvard Medical School

Carlos Ponce, Laboratory of Marge Livingstone, Harvard Medical School

Chi-Chieh Wang, Laboratory of Wade Regehr, Harvard Medical School


Nathalia da Graca Amado, Laboratory of Xi He, Boston Children's Hospital

Lucas Cheadle, Laboratory of Michael Greenberg, Harvard Medical School

Tammy Szu-Yu Ho, Laboratory of Clifford Woolf, Boston Children's Hospital

Shinichiro Kira, Laboratory of Chris Harvey, Harvard Medical School

Lauren Orefice, Laboratory of David Ginty, Harvard Medical School

Brikha Shrestha, Laboratory of Lisa Goodrich, Harvard Medical School

Yao Chen, Laboratory of Bernardo Sabatini, Harvard Medical School